The Scriptures reaches 90%

The world record breaking attempt – The Scriptures has just passed the 90% mark of its target figure in just over one week…. amazing news indeed and so thanks to all who have made a pledge so far. It is my hope that we will smash through the initial target figure this week and hopefully go even further in raising funds for Love Hope Strength’s mission to save lives – one concert at a time.

The lyric pledge of The Scriptures is proving to be a very popular option and has actually ‘sold out’ twice already so more have been added again…… (we might have to go longer than 100 minutes at this rate!!!).

The Abbey Road Session pledges also both sold out really fast along with The Deceiver guitar so thanks again for all your wonderful and generous support.

Watch out for the ‘Shout ’Hey’ to Get On The Record’ pledge that is coming soon.

It’s certainly developing into a fascinating creative project and I’m looking forward to piecing together all the various music and lyrical offerings over the coming weeks. It is my hope that with so many creative minds from around the world – working together as one, the song will contain a broad spectrum of feelings, moods and tones that will be a reflection of the era we live in and leave a mark for future generations to get a feel of the world that we inhabit right now.

Please remember to share the news of this project with your family, friends, work colleagues and social media networks as it really is something that people from all walks of life can become involved in and you don’t have to be a musician or a poet….. there all kinds of ways to join in and be recognised as a world record holder!

DR. Amal and The Hadassah Registry in the Middle East are attempting to build bridges of peace through the simple act of saving lives and need our support more than ever.

To find out how you can ‘Get On The Record’ and become a world record holder press here

Love Hope Strength,

Mike Peters