THE GATHERING 2011 � 30th Anniversary of Mike Peters and The Alarm 1981 – 2011

THE GATHERING 2011 – 30th Anniversary of Mike Peters and The Alarm 1981 – 2011

On Friday 28th, Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th January 2011 :
THE GATHERING 2011 – 30th Anniversary of Mike Peters and The Alarm 1981 – 2011
The Gathering Stays Home – in the birthplace of Mike Peters & The Alarm.

Following on from the ultra successful ‘The Gathering Comes Home’, the 2011 Gathering will be housed under one roof at Pontins Holiday Village, Prestatyn, North Wales . Every event of the weekend will be open to everyone in attendance. The entire Gathering weekend of acoustic and electric Mike Peters and The Alarm concerts will continue to extend to include the Aftershow party, all convention events plus and including all accommodation and car parking. Everything for an all inclusive absolute reality price of £109 per person!

THE GATHERING 2011 – 30th Anniversary of Mike Peters and The Alarm 1981 – 2011, will repeat  The Gathering’s 2010’s success to feature a full weekend’s worth of activities including workshops with Alarm members (bring guitars if you have them…). Special guest appearances from Alarm associated bands and musicians. The A-Factor (a Gathering – Battle of the Bands…so if you are a performer or in a band and want to have a chance to appear at The Gathering with Mike Peters and The Alarm then let us know…..).

In the on site Victoria Pub you will be able to watch the weekend’s sporting action plus in The Spirit Ballroom, you can take part in the legendary Alarm Mastermind Quiz and a host of other activities including a Sunday Morning walk with Mike Peters along the beautiful Prestatyn beach which is just 300 yards away from the venue.

Congratulations this year to Mastermind Winner, Stuart Ling and A Factor winners, Shoot The Poets.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY – Book Early & receive FREE upgrade to Club Class – 01745 571571 or
(Minimum Double occupancy required to qualify for free upgrade to Club Class)

How to order:
UK £109 + £4 booking
Europe £109 + £4 booking
USA/Rest of World $175 + $5  (converted at daily exchange rate)

The price of £109 includes full access to the weekend concerts, all daytime events, plus 2 nights accommodation in a self catering apartment.

(All accommodation suites include fridge and catering facilities plus In-room Alarm TV channel). Single occupancy surcharges apply. Please contact Lulu at for further information on this.

“The time is right for The Gathering to stay in its spiritual home of Prestatyn. Afterall, this is where it all began, 30 years ago in 1981 at the Victoria Pub in Prestayn, near the railway station!!", says Mike Peters, "By staying home in Prestatyn, my ‘Home Town’ we have created an immense Alarm House Party. I think everyone who attended this year will vouch that it was the best Gathering yet. I know for me, it surpassed everything from before and I am already working with The Gathering Team to make next year’s Gathering the ultimate Alarm Festival of all time! Bring It On!!!!

CREDIT CARDS:    Your credit/debit card will be debited as ‘MPO
DELIVERY:     Delivery of your exclusive Gathering laminate will be dispatched from March 2011 onwards.

If you have any postal  questions, please contact Alarm Information Service direct on 011 44 (0) 1745 571571 or e-mail