The Big Night In – The Final Episode of Season Two plus some BIG NEWS for all fans… View it now.

The Big Night In has screened it’s the final episode of 2021. Viewers can watch it now here:

The Big Night In S2 E6 goes out on a high with some amazing news for all Alarm fans shared by Mike and Jules Peters.

Fans of The Big Night In can expect to see another fantastic show with an exclusive behind the scene film that was recorded on the last day of the recording sessions for the Coloursøund album, plus some other incredible and previously unseen footage from the Alarm Archive.

Along the way there is a host of intimate acoustic performance by Mike Peters from the Jukebox stage and the finale to the show is a debut screening of the Mike Peters film –  Edward Henry Street which features an outstanding musical performance from Mike Peters and The Alarm as they tell the story of Mike’s life growing up on the streets of Rhyl and how his life was influenced and affected by so many of the town’s colourful characters and unique history. A must watch if you have never seen this film……..

Remember – Music Will Keep Us Strong!

The Big Night In has now screened over 44 hours of powerful Alarm related television since appearing on screens when the first British Lockdown began on March 20th 2020 attracting over 500,000+ viewers from around the world.

The Big Night In will return to the airwaves again next July 2021 when The Alarm 40th Anniversary Staycation series gets underway