New Year 2020 – Special Offers In Store Now

All orders (excluding Gathering Tickets), placed in store above £49.99  (between now and January 30th), will qualify for a ‘free’ limited edition ‘The Alarm – Sun Studio Sessions 2019’ CD. This unique disc features all of the music recorded during the live broadcast from Elvis Presley’s Sun Recording Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, USA on July 18th 2019.
Recorded by in-house engineer Ples Hampton and mixed by Mark Warden, the Sun Studio Sessions 2019 CD features unique in-studio performances of Blood Red Viral Black and Psalm, along with uptakes of Alarm Classics – Strength and Rain in the Summertime. In between bursts of Mike Peters’ impromptu studio chat, there is a storming version of Woody Guthrie’s Bound For Glory, a blistering take on Gone Elvis and a divine cover of U2’s 40 that showcases a stirring Mike Peters’ vocal performance.

Recorded at the birthplace of all rock and roll and on the eve of The Alarm’s Sigma LXXXV Tour (that took America by storm during the summer of 2019), Sun Studios Sessions is an amazing document of an incredible moment in Alarm History that closes out with an inspirational Alarm version of Elvis Presley’s own Suspicious Minds, making this a must have addition to your Alarm music collection.

The Alarm – Sun Studio Sessions 2019 is only available exclusively via and unavailable from any music streaming platform or music retailer.

We are also pleased to announce that store is now stocking all recent 2019 Tour T-Shirts and merchandise along with both CD and LP copies of this years Alarm record releases including the brand new CD edition of Stream [Hurricane of Change], the remastered / reissued Strength 1985-1986 (CD / LP), and the Number One UK Rock album ∑ Sigma (CD / LP).

(All T Shirt Orders include a Free 4 x Alarm button badge set).

NEW – STREAM [Hurricane of Change] On Sale Online Now for the first time – Exclusively to

Stream [Hurricane of Change] 
Stream [Hurricane of Change] Gatefold Double CD edition with complete lyrics and booklet. Priced £29.99  Order your copy here.
The brand new Alarm masterwork from Mike Peters featuring every song from both Eye of The Hurricane and Change reworked and re-imagined into a compelling musical narrative for modern times.
The Twenty First Century Recording Company is also making available a series of specially priced collector bundles, allowing fans to discover and revisit recordings in the Mike Peters / Alarm music catalogue, along with the Handwritten Lyric / Dedication CD series and some brand new additions to the silver Deanna Cochran Jewellery Range for those special occasions in your life.
Gathering 2020 Tickets are also available and ready to be shipped out in time for the Holiday season making this a perfect gift for the Mike Peters / Alarm fan in your life, especially the one who has always wanted to come and experience the one and only event that is The Gathering!!!! Order your Gathering tickets here.
Tickets are also on sale for the Gathering Week USA April 9th -18th with the Los Angeles event tickets and passes available here. New York Sony Hall concert tickets (April 18th), are available from Ticketmaster here.
NB: All Alarm CD / LP recordings that are available in special offer bundle form, are listed as individually priced priced items in store.

Special Offer Audio / DVD Packages include:

Stream [Hurricane of Change] CD Edition plus bonus CD Electric Folklore Live 
Stream [CD Edition featuring 2 x CD and complete lyrics ] £29.99
Electric Folklore Live  [CD Edition] £14.99. Eye of The Hurricane Acoustic recorded live in 2017 by Mike Peters.
The Alarm – Sigma LP / CD / plus bonus Sun Studio Sessions CD
Sigma [LP Edition featuring lyrics and poster art] £16.99
Sigma [Digipak CD Edition featuring lyrics and exclusive track ‘The White Count’] £9.99
The Alarm – Sun Studio Sessions 2019. £9.99
The Alarm – Strength 1985-1986 Remastered CD & LP Bundle plus bonus CD The Strength Story 
Strength 1985-1986 LP [DBL LP Edition] £19.99
Strength 1985-1986 CD [Digipak 2 x CD Edition] £14.99
Strength – The Strength Story [CD] £9.99
The Alarm – Equals LP & CD, Where The Two Rivers Meet EP and bonus CD In Session 2018
Equals [LP Edition featuring lyrics and poster art] £16.99
Equals [Digipak CD Edition featuring lyrics and exclusive track ‘Hellfire’] £9.99
Where The Two Rivers Meet – Extended Play 8 Track mini vinyl album. £12.99
The Alarm – Eponymous & Declaration Vinyl LP & CD Remasters plus bonus The Alarm EP Enhanced Collectors CD
Eponymous 1981-1983 [DBL LP Edition] £19.99
Eponymous 1981-1983 [Digipak 2 x CD Edition] £14.99
Declaration 1984-1985 LP [DBL LP Edition] £19.99
Declaration 1984-1985 CD [Digipak 2 x CD Edition] £14.99
The Alarm Ep [Enhanced CD Collectors Edition] £9.99

The Alarm – Blood Red Viral Black CD Set

The Alarm Blood Red [CD Edition Gatefold Digipak with Die Cut Logo]
The Alarm Viral Black [CD Edition Gatefold Digipak with Die Cut Logo]
Special Offer Collection Price = £19.99

Mike Peters – The Solo Collection

Breathe [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Feel Free [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Rise [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Flesh & Blood  £14.99
Rise Demos [Double CD Edition] £14.99
Special Offer Collection Price = £49.99

Mike Peters – Live Acoustic Collection 2009 – 2011
Acoustic Live [Single CD Edition] £14.99
Live in Glasgow [Double CD Edition] £14.99
30th Anniversary Acoustic Alarm Tour [Double CD Edition] £19.99
Special Offer Collection Price = £34.99
The Alarm – In The Poppy Fields Collection
In The Poppy Fields [Digipak 2 x CD Edition]  £14.99
Live In The Poppy Fields [CD / DVD Edition]  £14.99
Mike Peters presents The Alarm Live CD / DVD Collection
Declaration – Live! [CD / DVD Digipak Edition] £24.99
Strength – Live! [CD / DVD Digipak Edition] £24.99
Mike Peters In Session 2014 [CD] £9.99
The Alarm – Declaration / Strength 3oth Anniversary LP and CD Editions plus bonus 7″ Single of Strength / Majority.
Declaration 2014 [30th Anniversary LP Version] £19.99
Declaration 2014 [30th Anniversary CD Version] £14.99
Strength 2015 [30th Anniversary LP Version] £19.99
Strength 2015 [30th Anniversary CD Version] £14.99
Strength / Majority 2015 [30th Anniversary 7″ Vinyl Single] £4.99
The Alarm – Under Attack Collection
Under Attack [CD / DVD Edition] £19.99
Alarmcast Transmission [DVD Edition] £14.99
The Saturday Gigs CD £14.99
Special Offer Collection Price = £29.99
The Alarm – Counter Attack Collection
The Alarm – Direct Action plus bonus Unbreak The Promise CD
The Alarm – Direct Action [CD / DVD Edition] £14.99
The Alarm – Unbreak The Promise [CD Single] £4.99
The Scriptures plus bonus CD Mike Peters In Session 2010
The Scriptures [Dbl CD Edition] £14.99
Mike Peters In Session 2010 [CD] £4.99
Mike Peters & The Alarm – Poppies Falling From The Sky Box Set plus In The Poppy Fields Single CD
Poppies Falling From The Sky Box Set [DVD / Double CD Edition including extensive sleeve notes] £24.99
In The Poppy Fields [CD Single Edition] £4.99
THEALARM.COM is also offering a 50% discount on a huge selection of Mike Peters and The Alarm DVD / CD titles in the Special Offers section of The Alarm store, making this a great time to fill that hole in your Alarm DVD / Gathering Collection.