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The Alarm’s brand new album FORWARDS is out now. (Click here to order / listen to Forwards now!).


I literally took my guitar into hospital with me,” says Peters. “I was on the ward for such a long time, I started writing the songs for FORWARDS in between IV sessions and the first people to hear the music were, literally, the very people who were trying to keep me alive.”

Photo Credit: Andy Labrow

In between hospitalisation periods, Peters took the band into the recording studio with producer George Williams, and although barely able to speak due to the debilitating effects of chronic illness, Peters was able to focus the sessions on creating the music for ten new life affirming Alarm songs.

“I’ve been to places only deep suffering can take the human spirit and, in the darkness, I clung onto every piece of light I could find to work my way back to life. This was the energy that drove me to write and record Forwards.”

FORWARDS is alive with melody and invention and destined to contend for a top place amongst The Alarm’s extensive discography, one that boasts over 17 Top 50 UK singles and over six million album sales worldwide. In fact, the previous three Alarm albums have all featured in the Top 10 of the British Rock Album Chart with Equals (number 2 in 2018), Sigma (number 1 in 2019) and Omega (number 8 in 2022).

“A lot of artists have to kill to make a record like Forwards and with the challenges that came my way in 2022, I certainly had to kill or be killed, to realise the ambition in these songs. It was literally life or death making this record.”

Fans can also listen to the song NEXT which also features on FORWARDS and contains the forthright lyrics “Whatever’s trying to kill me, makes me feel alive”.

“I’ve already taken so much from life, that when I was in hospital, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be spared another opportunity to live. Fortunately for me, I was granted more time on earth and the challenge remains as ever, to make the most of every single second – FORWARDS.”

Forwards Tracklisting:

  1. Forwards
  2. The Returning
  3. Another Way
  4. Love and Forgiveness
  5. Next
  6. Whatever
  7. Transition
  8. Love Disappearing
  9. New Standards
  10. X

FORWARDS is available physically on both CD and Vinyl with the LP release featuring two different record sleeves / coloured vinyl configurations.

A classic green / white star / white vinyl edition (Mike’s healing colour combo), is being made available to outlets everywhere.

A unique Metallic / Green Star / Green vinyl limited edition available exclusively to independent record stores in the UK / USA / ROW only.

FORWARDS is also available to listen to in all digital formats including Hi-Res and Dolby Atmos editions.