In The Poppyfields : The Alarm (2004)

Track Listing
1. Coming Home
2. Close
3. 45 Rpm
4. The Drunk And The Disorderly
5. Federal Motor Voter
6. Trafficking
7. New Home New Life
8. The Rock N Roll
9. The Unexplained
10. Right Back Where I Started From
11. True Life
12. In The Poppy Fields
13. 45 RPM (Video)

1. Coming Home2. Close3. 45 Rpm4. The Drunk And The Disorderly5. Federal Motor Voter6. Trafficking7. New Home New Life8. The Rock N Roll9. The Unexplained10. Right Back Where I Started From11. True Life12. In The Poppy Fields13. 45 RPM (Video)