Strength – An Oral History Updated [Part Ten]

January 23rd 1986 The Alarm Rotation in Hanover, Germany. Top Of The Pops Broadcast in UK.

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

January 25th 1986 The Alarm Quartier Latin in Berlin, Germany

January 26th 1986 The Alarm Alter Wartesaal in Koln, Germany
January 27th 1986 The Alarm Music Hall in Frankfurt, Germany

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

January 28th 1986 The Alarm Alabamahalle in Munich, Germany

– Mike Peters Diary Entry

January 29th 1986 The Alarm Day Off Switzerland

Photo – Day off Road crew and band dinner.

January 30th 1986 The Alarm Zurich, Switzerland
January 31st 1986 The Alarm Teatro Tenda in Bologna, Italy
February 1st 1986 The Alarm Tenda Planeta in Rome, Italy
February 2nd 1986 The Alarm The Rolling Stone in Milan, Italy

February 4th 1986 The Alarm Lyon

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Strength – An Oral History. Created by Steve Fulton and Mike Peters. ©2019

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