Spotify Playlists and Requests at The Gathering 2018

“Are you ready?”……. The Alarm to interact with Spotify for this year’s Gathering 2018

By interacting with Spotify (the global music streaming service), Mike Peters and The Alarm have created a bespoke Journey to The Gathering 2018 playlist for your own personal listening pleasure as you travel to Llandudno, Wales for The Gathering 2018.

Spotify subscribers (you can subscribe for free and / or premium services here), will be able to tune in to a special playlist that has been personally curated by Mike Peters and features The Alarm, solo and related tracks uniquely suited for Alarm fans who are travelling to the principality of Wales for The Gathering 2018.

To listen, head over to the ‘Journey to The Gathering 2018’ playlist here on Spotify The Alarm playlist on SPOTIFY.

Blast it out in your car and / or crank the volume on your headphones as you set out on your very own personal path to The Gathering 2018, and let the images that greet you, connect with the music and lyrics chosen to enhance your experience inside the borders of The Alarm’s home country of Wales.

With the imminent release of brand new music and extensive touring plans for 2018, this year’s Gathering event promises to be more exciting than ever before and so, to add an interactive element to the aftershow party, Mike Peters is also inviting attendees to send in personal music requests that will be played from a specially crafted Spotify Playlist during The Gathering Aftershow Party on both Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Gathering 2018 Aftershow Party music will therefore be determined by you, so send us (via this Facebook link), your all time favourite track and a reason why selected. It can be anything you like and doesn’t have to be Mike Peters and Alarm related either. Any song, by any musician or band that inspires you or drives you on in life can be requested, and the very best selections will be read out over the microphone by DJ Andi Badgeman on the night.

Anything is possible starting from today via The Gathering Aftershow Spotify playlist (that can be found here on The Alarm Artist page), so go ahead, make a dedication to your friend / partner or give someone you know a shout out and help make The Gathering Aftershow party even more special.

All the selections will be made public on The Alarm Spotify Artist page on the Sunday afternoon after The Gathering, so you can then play all the music chosen by all the fans as you make your way home.

Mike Peters has already made the first selection, and it’s one of his all time favourite 1970’s Glam tracks = ‘Ballroom Blitz’ by Sweet, it will be played as the opening song of the Friday night Aftershow and dedicated to all who are making the Journey to Wales for The Gathering 2018.

“Well Let’s Goooooooooo!!!”

You can also sign up to Spotify here for both free and premium services.