Smiley’s Friends in Far Out Places

As many of you will know, Alarm drummer Smiley has his second solo album (solo with a host of famous friends!) released in November.

The line-up includes Mike Peters (The Alarm), Bruce Foxton (From The Jam), Richard Archer (Hard Fi), Martin Coogan (Mock Turtles), Dale Davis (Amy Winehouse), Gary Nuttall (Robbie Williams), John James Newman (Marmalade), Kerry Schultz(QTheMusic), Robin Foster, David D’Andrade, James Stevenson & Mark Taylor (The Alarm), Pablo Cook (Mescaleros), Jonny Wilks (One Iota), Dorie Jackson (Chris Difford), Warren Ringham (QTheMusic).

Details available from

In the meantime, checkout this interview with Smiley and Co-writer, Graham Turner.