Sixty Eight Guns 2023 Remix – Ultra Limited Edition Single – 68 Numbered Copies – SOLD OUT

The Alarm’s classic 1983 hit single Sixty Eight Guns has been remixed by producer George Williams, direct from the original Abbey Road master tapes, and given a fresh sonic representation for the modern age.

The single is being released on October 6th 2023 forty years on from the band’s breakthrough appearances on American Bandstand and the UK’s flagship Top Of The Pops.
The single is being released as an extremely limited edition run of 68 hand cut acetate vinyl 7” singles created individually to commemorate the anniversary.
Each single is individually numbered and signed by singer songwriter Mike Peters (who will personally keep the test copies numbered 69 and 70 to be added to The Alarm Archive).
This instant collectors item will be available exclusively at on Friday October 6th at 1900 UK.
NB: Once an order has been made a draw of 68 individually numbered tickets will then take place in order to designate which number copy you will receive. Good Luck!
The new mix will also be made available digitally and accompanied by a Dolby Atmos mix bringing the Alarm’s foundation music into the present day, ready to be heard for the first time ever in a way that will be unique for Alarm fans around the world.
Mike Peters 1983 – Photo Catwalk Pictures Belgium.
A brand new remastered video of the original Sixty Eight Guns 1983 promotional film has also been commissioned and upscaled by Alarm archivist and tech wizard Gary Overington into the 4K environment for maximum viewing experience.
“It’s amazing to hear Sixty Eight Guns forty years on from the original release and still sounding so fresh.” says lead singer Mike Peters. “The new mix by George Williams, retains all the energy of the original single and adds a clarity to the sonic template that brings the song right up to date for 2023. I am particularly pleased that Alarm fans will be able to listen to the Dolby Atmos version which was impossible to even contemplate back in 1983. The Dolby Atmos mix brings out all the detail of the original sound recording and makes you feel like you are sat in with the band while we were recording and mixing back at the legendary Abbey Road studios,”
Mike Peters also features in a 2 hour Sixty Eight Guns Special Program presented by Jules Jones Peters and The Alarm’s legendary former roadie and now UK TV broadcaster Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Jones, that delves into the background of how Sixty Eight Guns came to be written and the remarkable rise to fame of The Alarm in 1983 which happened simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic.

The show features some incredibly rare footage of The Alarm’s first ever appearance on TV anywhere in the world, when they appeared (as if out of the blue), alongside presenter Dick Clark for the USA’s massive music show, American Bandstand.

There is a brand new interview with the BBC’s legendary radio DJ – Mike Read who introduced The Alarm on Top of the Pops back in September 1983 and famously jammed with the band in the dressing room, and they jam again during the new interview!

The show also features brand new concert footage of Mike Peters performing at The Red Wales during the 40th Anniversary release party celebration concert which turned into an incredible night of stories and revelations including a first ever performance of the song ‘Sounds From The Night’ which was a 1979 forerunner to Sixty Eight Guns itself.

Mike recounts the tales of those days forty years ago, with fascinating and often hilarious insights into what went on behind the scenes when The Alarm found themselves swept along by a hurricane of success that came unexpectedly calling, along with a revelatory story of the night the band were almost killed before they had even begun to realise the scale of what was unfolding before their very eyes.

The Sixty Eight Guns special also features footage from the 20th and 30th Anniversary celebrations which featured all the original members and producer Alan Shacklock.