Review: Superchannel Single Review

Let�s get this out of the way first. �Superchannel� rocks. It rocks hard. It�s a sing-a-long, balls-out scorcher. It�s catchy enough to be a hit single, yet weighty enough to have layers of meaning tucked just under the surface. It blasts off, out of the speakers, and never turns back. The meaty bass, substantial guitar riffs, relentless drumming, and in-your-face vocals all combine to create a sound that is both familiar and unique at the same time. However, this is no retro track. It�s not like some of the recent songs by bands like The Killers that sound like micro-waved 80�s left-overs, varnished with a 21st century mix. There is no nostalgia here, no anthems or flag waving. The Alarm are not harkening toward, resting on laurels, or a falling back in retreat. They have simply taken all their experience and talent and rolled it into a fantastic rock song. �Superchannel� is the first single in years (maybe since �Strength�) that does justice to the name The Alarm. �45 RPM� would have taken that honor, but for the small niggling detail that it was actually credited to The Poppyfields. This time The Alarm, the one from the modern age, come out of gates swinging for the fences, and hiding behind nothing at all. And the truth is, they have nothing to hide anyway. On a level playing field, left to their own merits, The Alarm have signaled they can make some of the best music in the world. When the album �Under Attack� comes out on Feb 20th, they will prove it.

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