Review: Second Generation (vol. 1)

Mike Peters, former banner-waving, rabble-rousing scout leader of The Alarm, returns with an LP of rare Alarm songs re-recorded for the ’90s. Sounds like a nightmare. Except that stripped of some of The Alarm’s pomposity, the 10 tracks-which range back to the very start of the Rhyl quartet’s career-sound surprisingly human. Forget for a second the frightened, on-end haircuts and tassled jackets and the result is a likably strummy set, made up of songs which didn’t make it on to The Alarm’s five LPs. Playing half acoustically and half electrically, Mike Peters mixes early U2 with Levellers (Second Generation itself sounds like U2 circa Stories For Boys, while Reason 41 could be Levellers busking outside Woolworth’s). Some of the lyrics, mostly The Alarm’s famed rallying slogans, sound wishy-washy now, but Mike Peters wrings as much passion as possible from them.

Publication::Publication:Q Magazine
Author::Steve Lamacq