Reviews: Breathe The Acoustic Sessions

Q Magazine * * * Star review – Breathe – The Acoustic Sessions
Following swiftly on the heels of the English and Welsh language versions of the LP, come the modish Unplugged sessions. At one time Mike Peters was seconds away from being inducted into that portion of the Hall Of Fame earmarked for windswept Celtic rock ‘n roll visionaries when he knocked it on the head for The Alarm from the stage of Brixton Academy. Encumbered by the weight of expectation and history, and motivated either by bravery or stupidity, Peters sallied forth and started all over again. He’s shrugged off his critics with a nonchalant shrug, and his latest work is alive with the rediscovered zest and ambition of a man with his appetite for the fray fully restored. Stripped down to its elemental components, Breathe is more powerful again – the familiar recipe of pungent and poignant songs of love and protest given their head by the space of the arrangements and the hungrily emoted vocals – great tunes too.