Review: Declaration

This powerful, articulate, and alarming Declaration of desperation, anger, frustration, and ardent passionate dedication to their cause makes “Declaration” by the Alarm a must for all who are troubled by the lack of control young people experience in longing to order their destiny and affect change. For those who lived through the sixties, it is a re-declaration and challenge to continue questioning and hopefully changing a society that refuses to acknowledge the cries of it’s wounded and disillusioned youth. Leading off with “Marching On” which affirms the need to band together, followed by “Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke,” challenging those too fearful to fight, this thoughtful work examines, states, and shoots bullets of gut-wrenching feelings and emotion, hitting its target at every turn. The music and vocals never betray or dilute the message. The Alarm have something special to say here and though it’s all been said before, it’s awfully comforting to hear it in the eighties.

Publication::Publication:Long Island
Author::Bryan Rich