Review: A Collection Of Under Attack Reviews

�Under Attack� really is a credible rock record from a re-energised band, who � to these jaundiced ears � have rarely sounded better. It�s not supposed to happen like this, but it�s difficult not to belatedly embrace The Alarm for sticking this out and pulling off the seemingly impossible by coming back with fire and dignity intact. Respect is due, Mr. Peters.

Takes a seasoned pro to bring freshness back to the world of Punk n Roll and that’s what Mike Peters has achieved here with his latest incarnation of the ALaRM

Part of my determination here is that Under Attack is absolutely awesome. I paid import price for it (it doesn�t come out here until May 30) because it�s the Alarm, and I couldn�t wait for it. It was worth every penny, the most furious and committed album Peters has made in many years. For all its sprawl and stylistic breadth, In the Poppy Fields now stands as the timid first step of this new incarnation. Under Attack makes it sound like a James Taylor album, so wonderfully loud and bracing is this new music.