‘Reason 41 (Second Generation)’ [2:47] (Sharp), Mike Peters

‘Reason 41 (Second Generation)’ [2:47] (Sharp), Mike Peters
Lead Vocals:Mike Peters

(Reason number 1)

I used to wonder why that when it's black there is no white
And why when it is day that there is never any night
I got talking to a soldier and tried to put things right
He said,"if you want peace then you will always have to fight"


(Reason number 9)

I went searching in the desert where it just began to rain
And I met up with a drunken bum who said he'd "lost his name"
He said, "I put it in this bottle and it drifted out to sea".
I said, "there is no water here" and he walked away from me

So then I asked for help from a very clever man
He kept looking down at his figures he was a very busy man
I told him what the problem was he said, "well that's very sad" "I'd like to help you boy but there's nothing I can add".

(Reason number 25)

My throat was getting dry I was feeling kinda rough
But I just kept on searching 'till i'd just about had enough
I came across a doctor he said, "his cure was the best"
He diagnosed my troubles but I did not get the rest

(Reason number 33)

I was really confused 
By the things that had been said
All the people that I met just Started spinning around my head
Well I gave it up for lost 
And it suddenly was clear
That the only reason you are there
Is 'cos I'm over here.


(Keep on searching)

:Produced by Michael Peters
Engineered & Mixed by Mark Phythian
Mike Peters – Acoustic/Electric Guitars, Bass, Harmonica & Vocals
Owen Thomas – Drums
Mike Peters Notes
:This recording of Reason 41 is a copy of a version The Alarm recorded at EMI Studios, Manchester Square, London in early 1982. This was a demo session that led to The Alarm being offered a songles recording deal with EMI. We actually agreed to accept the deal, but during our drunken celebrations, we decided to turn it down in the hope that something better would come along (it didn’t!). There is a clue to the origins of the song’s enigmatic title in the “off-mic” shoutsover the drum fills. The lyrics draw inspiration from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery which Dave Sharp had read as a youth.
(Second Generation Album Notes, 1995)
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