News: Unnoffical Scala Reunion Report

This report was put together from fans who saw the show. Official word will come through soon.

(Photo by Andy Greenly)

The band arrived by limousine, and each were greated by 100’s of fans waiting in line to get into the venue. The crowd chanted the names of band members as they entered the venue

Set List
As far as we can tell, the set-list for the show was:
Marching On
Where Were You, Hiding
68 Guns
Rain In The Summertime,
Sold Me Down The River
Rescue Me
Blaze Of Glory


From all accounts, the show was incredible. Some people commented “it was like Brixton was yesterday”

Apparently, Mike Peters made a reference to Briton during the performance, the details of which are not known at this time.

There were mixed comments from the band members after the show about anything like it ever happening again. Keep your fingers crossed.