My Alarm Story – Marcus

My name is marcus, I am living near cologne/germany. in june 1984 I had a girlfriend from the North of London, she lived few years in cologne (hello Cheryl J).  it was a great time and we watched a lot of concerts in the aera.

one evening she showed me a poster an said  “oh look the alarm playing”. I said no, not a concert again ! “. but for all that, we went to the gig.…, and since then I am infected !  trough all the years, after many concerts in germany an the near Netherlands, and after some gatherings, the music and the processing of Mike and the alarm still attend my ways.

a big big thank you to Cheryl, that she induced me to see the show. there was the one and another point of desperation…, and the musik from mike and the boys hold me trough. thank you for all these years…I hope there will follow a lot !

the pics show moments from the gathering 2010 with my son jakob, he is near 10 years old now,….the next generation.

I think, the biggest compliment to a musician connoted:  your music was every time present.

all the best from germany,

and sorry folks, I know  my english is gruesome…., but hearty,