Mobile Memories of The Gathering

Many folk these days have a smart phone. It struck us here at MPO headquarters that we see hundreds of photos taken on mobile phones at The Gathering but never actually see the photos!

We would love to see those photos and share them with everyone else.

So, if you have a mobile phone with a camera, why not email them us to as well. We would love to see your photos of making banners…. travelling to The Gathering….meeting in the Queen Vic…you’re chalet parties….meeting the band….maybe even the odd shot of The Alarm!

The quality is irrelevant, we are just looking for 50 or so of the most interesting to share with The Alarm community.

Everyone will get a photo credit and Mike and Jules will help select the best.

email your gathering related photos to Please send photos only from this years Gathering, but if they are relevant you can start anytime from now, and all the way through to getting home after the event.

To start you off, here is a photo of Smiley and Facebook Lily taken a couple of years ago in the cafe at Pontins by our Gathering Photographer, MrPloppy on his smart phone. We are sure you can do better!!!

We look forward to seeing all your photos and sharing them with everyone else afterwards.