Mike Peters wins Welsh Music Inspiration Award

Mike Peters has won the Welsh Music Inspiration Award at this year’s Welsh Music Prize ceremony.

Peters was awarded for his influence on Welsh-language music and the alternative music scene.

Mike Peters said: “It’s a true honour to be recognised in Wales through the prestigious Welsh Music Awards.

“When we started out in 1977, coming from Rhyl / Wales placed us at a huge disadvantage, but we overcame the obstacles by releasing our self-financed single ‘Unsafe Building’ and heading to the USA with our mates Bono and U2 as complete unknowns.

“Our song ‘The Stand’ soon changed all that by getting played everywhere on US Radio. We even appeared on American Bandstand way before miming to Sixty Eight Guns on Top of The Pops (where we were mistakenly described as an American Band by the presenter).

“We were and still are fiercely Welsh and even though, (coming from Rhyl), we couldn’t speak the language – our music did that for us and the fans understood along with people like Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, who saw the value in our music and accepted us into their worlds by sharing the stage and singing with myself and the band.

“Last year we continued to break new ground by writing, recording and releasing an album ‘War’ in 50 Days during the lockdown. We have always pushed boundaries and from where I’m standing right now, we will continue to do so.”

‘Huge importance’

The inspirational musician has fought a near 30 year cancer fight, living with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia and a compromised immune system.

Back in May he was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with severe pneumonia, which laid him low for several months, and he was admitted to hospital again last month after suffering a relapse in his treatment for leukaemia.

Welsh Music Prize’s Huw Stephens said his award was richly deserved.

“Each year we recognise someone who we feel has been of huge importance to the music scene in Wales, and they win the Welsh Music Inspiration Award,” he said.

“This year we are showing our love for a musician from Prestatyn. In 1981 he formed The Alarm who went on to have huge international success. Wales has always been at the heart of Mike’s songs and vision, the yearly Gathering for Alarm fans in Llandudno a reminder of the close community that his music has created.

“Mike’s numerous musical projects since have captured imaginations and seen him tour the world.

“His musicianship, his lyricism, his work ethic and his exceptionally good vibes really are an inspiration, and we are thrilled to give Mike Peters the Welsh Music Inspiration Prize for 2022.”

The Welsh Music Prize took place at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.