Mike Peters has recorded a special 11 track ‘Strength 2015′ companion disc of b-sides, unrecorded and non-album songs entitled ‘Majority’  which collates a host of tracks from ‘Strength’ the period and also updates them for modern times.

Tracks include ‘Reason 36’, ‘Room At The Top’ and an extended version of Knife Edge B-sde ‘Unbreak The Promise’ (that was only ever recorded during a BBC radio session in 1984).

For 2015, Mike Peters has recorded ‘Unbreak’ the way The Alarm would have done had it made it onto the ‘Strength’ album in 1985 complete with two unheard verses that were recently found in Mike Peters 1984 lyric book. “All of the songs on ‘Majority’ are integral to what makes the ‘Strength’ album stay so relevant to so many” states Peters, “There are some unheard songs like ‘Black Side Of Fortune’ and ‘Sons Of Divorce’ that were all on the original demo tapes but left on the cutting room floor although they have could easily have helped make ‘Strength’ a very strong double album’.

Reworked from the chords up, the songs on ‘Majority’ have been able to move with the times and are as relevant to life today as they were when written in the early to mid 1980’s. “I always felt that song for song, word for word, the ‘Strength’ era was The Alarm’s most creative time period of the 1980’s, and that by going back to the original source material, I could forge something fresh and new that would allow listeners a chance to see and hear the entire work in a modern context” states lead singer and songwriter Mike Peters

‘I refuse to break the promises we made, I will not forsake the vow’ – The Alarm – Majority 2015.

Released as a companion piece to the Strength 2015 album ‘Majority’ is a record that augments and backs up the authenticity of the new Strength era.

Majority CD running order is as follows:


The Chant Has Just Begun

Reason 36

Room At The Top

Vigilante Man

Black Side Of Fortune

Unbreak The Promise

Memorial Day

Sons Of Divorce

We Are Majority

Knocking On Heaven’s Door