Gig: 5/11/1988, The Alarm, Toronto, Massey Hall

5/11/1988: The Alarm, Toronto, Massey Hall


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Song list from the stage reads:
jericho knife howl absolute perm blaze strength one step 68 guns summer rescue spirit
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Fan Comments
Around the time Declaration came out, I was in high school, so I didn’t have the means to go jetting around the world to catch a live show. There were rumours that the band would be supporting the Pretenders. The Pretenders did play a show in my area (Kingswood theatre, near Toronto, Canada), but by then the band wasn’t with them.

I finally got to see them when they were supporting their Eye Of The Hurricane album at Massey Hall in Toronto. The seat I had was way at the back, but at the start of the show, I ran up to the front to be with the sweaty throng of fans.

During Rain In The Summertime, Mike Peters threw small buckets of water up in the air to cool off everyone down in front, much to their delight.

At the end of the concert, (after several encores), a fan exchanged his t-shirt with M.P.’s. I grabbed a song sheet as a souvenir.