Gig: 4/1/1988, The Alarm, Arcadia Theatre, Dallas

4/1/1988: The Alarm, Arcadia Theatre, Dallas


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Xcess, Houston Texas
The Alarm played a passionate, energetic show in Houston that night. It was a relatively small club, and a very small stage, which gave the show a very intimate feel. Of course, The Alarm could make a much larger venue feel similarly familiar. At one point, they tried to get the audience involved in a call and response for the Woodie Guthrie song, “This Train is Bound for Glory.” I remember being embarrassed, because Mike would sing, “This train is bound for glory, this train…” and wait for the audience to repeat “This train!” However, 99 percent of the crowd just screamed or clapped in response. No one seemed to know the song that obviously meant so much to the band. It’s ironic that these fellows from another country were more familiar with a song written by a true American original than the young people who were at the show. Of course, after a few misses, the crowd finally caught on, and the band roared through a great version of the tune. – Matt Lucas