Gig: 12/19/1999, Mike Peters, The Cottier Theatre, Glasgow

12/19/1999: Mike Peters, The Cottier Theatre, Glasgow

Mike played one of his most memorable shows to date at the picturesque Cottier Theatre in Glasgow. Set against a snowy landscape, Mike treated his enthusiastic audience to a classic set of Alarm songs and solo compositions. A set of two halves, this enabled the audience to refuel as no alcohol or heating was available inside the church!

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Mike Peters December 1999 Solo Acoustic TourSet List
First Half

Feel Free
White Noise
Broken Silence
The Love We Made
High On The Hill
Levi's & Bibles
Burnout Syndrome
Ground Zero

Second Half

Unsafe Building
The Stand
For Freedom
The Deceiver
How The Mighty Fall
We Are The Light
Absolut Reality
Rain In the Summertime
Rescue Me
Sold Me Down The River
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
68 Guns
Spirit Of '76
Walk Forever By My Side
Blaze Of Glory

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