Free Rock And Roll – Final Cut

Free Rock And Roll – the final cut featuring Mike Peters, The Alarm, Phil Daniels and a cast of thousands.

This new online edit was put together by Russ Kendall and his team at Kaleidoscope Pictures in Provo, Utah (see photo below).

This new edit features some great additional footage and even more shots from the chalet scene and The Gathering….. can see yourself on screen?

FREE ROCK AND ROLL by Russ Kendall of Kaleidoscope Pictures

My involvement with the “Free Rock & Roll” music video had a funny beginning that Mike is actually unaware of – well, until he reads this.

On Saturday afternoon of The Gathering, I went for a drive with my brother who had never been to Wales and was eager to see some of the countryside.

We were at Bodelwyddan Castle when I got a text from Jules,

“Hi Russ, MP asked if you could meet in the LHS lounge around 2pm and oversee the shots for Free Rock and Roll.”

I simply replied, “Of Course!” and then bolted for the car.  It was 1:35 pm and the GPS said it’d take about 40 mins to get back to Prestatyn.  I think I may have stretched a few speed limits to make it back in time.

For those that took part in the filming in the chalet, you know Mike didn’t need any help as he directed the shoot like a pro.  I was happy to watch him in action and just be a part of the fun.  Mike’s enthusiasm was infectious which you can totally see in the video.  After the shoot I told Mike I’d be happy to help out with the edit.  The next week a drive arrived with all of the raw footage and a great rough cut.

We’ve got a wonderful team at Kaleidoscope Pictures that worked on Mike’s The Song That Changed My Life television episode and they were excited to now be a part of “Free Rock And Roll.”  For the last week there have been several spontaneous chants of “Free Rock & Roll” and “Spit It Out,” throughout the studio.

In addition to editing, a couple things we did were; to shoot new footage of a TV set so that we could motion track the Vinyl footage seamlessly on to the screen.   If you look close right before and right after Mike enters the room, you’ll see we were able to put the Vinyl footage on the actual TV in the room for those quick moments as well. The opening shot of Rhuddian Castle was unused b-roll footage from our shoot with Mike last summer for the TV series.
I’d have to say a good time was had by all!

Enge Chen Van Wagoner – lead editor and art director
Jeff Davis – post production supervisor
Adam Banks – colorist, on-line editor
Brant Hansen – assistant editor and cameraman
Russ Kendall – just having fun