Find the fifty numbered Alarm tracks with canvas videos on Spotify and win a weekend in Wales!

As anticipation grows for the release of the new Alarm album FORWARDS on June 16th, we have created a brand new competition for all Alarm Spotify subscribers which involves a treasure hunt style search through The Alarm catalogue in order to locate 50 individually numbered songs that also feature a short repeating video.

As of today, there are now 50 songs uploaded across the band’s extensive Spotify Catalogue that each have an 8 second individually numbered revolving canvas video added.

Link to The Alarm artist page on spotify

Each individual song has a number in the top right hand corner (see image below), and the first person to write to us with the complete list of 50 songs will qualify for a free weekend stay in one of our luxury Alarm Declaration or Strength apartments at Dyserth Waterfalls and a signed copy of FORWARDS.

Please submit competition entries to

PS: Here is a clue for you….. Forwards is one of the fifty songs (number 3)!

The winner will be able choose a weekend at anytime in the next twelve months (subject to availability), where you will be able to enjoy the facilities of one luxury apartment (Declaration or Strength), housed inside The Alarm’s chapel in Dyserth, North Wales and also visit the Red coffee shop and bar next door. Both The Alarm Chapel and The Red feature some fantastic art and memorabilia presentations from The Alarm archive and are directly opposite the 70 foot Dyserth Waterfalls.

So it’s now over to you to open up your Spotify account and search through The Alarm albums, singles, playlists and EP’s to find the magic 50 songs that contain a video canvas and number.

Good luck everyone and for all who find the 50 songs but miss out on the big prize, and come 2nd – 5th will still qualify for a signed copy of Forwards on your chosen format of CD or LP

The competition is open to all Spotify account holders from now!

Happy hunting and good luck!!

NB: Competition will remain open until all the winners have been identified……..

Please submit competition entries to