Day 3 – Travel Day

Here we go…. here we go….. here we go…..

Woke up in Liverpool (what a night that was….),

and grabbed a ride up to Scotland with John from New Jersey and Gordon from Dunfermline and on the way (somewhere north on the M6), we bumped into Jeff from Wisconsin and Nick from Wales…. Crossing The Country / Countries indeed.

Talk turns to the Barrowlands show on Monday and it seems that Big Country people are descending from all points of the compass to be there for this one and from as far away as Japan. There’s snow on them there hills as we approach Glasgow.

Football is still going ahead though and I’m hoping for two wins today. One for United against Chelsea (sorry Smiley!), and the second for Wales against ireland in the Rugby (Cymru am byth). Watched the football and the rugby in The Griffin just off Sauchiehall Street (two amazing games with two great results for me!!!). Back at the hotel, I had a good chat with Jules and my little guys on the skype and then went to Mr. Singh’s for a band and crew curry!!!

Don’t think sleep will be easy to find tonight with the Barras looming. Nos da.