Craig Adams & Smiley Album signings

Craig Adams and Smiley will both be available for album signings after the Guitar show on Saturday morning, which will be in the LHS lounge this year.

The albums are available at the merchandise stall in the LHS lounge.

Craig and Smiley have both released albums in the last few months.

Craig’s  album, Demon King is the culmination of years of ideas which have been kicking around with nowhere to go. It seemed the right time to bring them all together and get it finished. The album will only be available at live shows that Craig is playing at, so don’t miss your chance.

Smiley’s Friends
In High Places

Smiley’s album is also available at the Gathering and features some of his friends, like Mike Peters and Chesney Hawkes. More details of Smileys album can be found here.