Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #7

Day Seven: Wednesday 1 June 2005

James picks Craig up from the railway station. Finally we are all together and ready to rock. Craig look great considering he has travelled from Tokyo via Los Angeles, Denver, Baltimore, Washington and then to Manchester all within about 36 hours…. We decide to get playing straight away and we have a run through some of the classics from the tour. ‘Coming Home’, ’45 R.P.M.’ and a few others. the great thing about playing as Peters, Adams, Stevenson and Grantley is that everyone remembers everything fairly well and so you can start to work as a band immediately. Once some familiar ground has been established we end up playing ‘I Never Left I Only Went Away’, which we had played at the Gathering 13. We really get into it and after a few plays it is really sounding good. It’s a lot faster now than the ‘Bond’ version and we extend a few pieces and create an end sequence which should work great ‘live’. I have also had an idea to change the chorus lyrics to include the songs title. What a difference this subtle change of lyric makes to the overall feel of the song. Martin has got the recording side of things fairly sorted out and he has been recording the rehearsals and we all climb up the stairs to the ‘Control Room’ to hear what we’ve been doing. We are all pleasantly surprised. We decide to call it a day and get a good nights rest before we start recording proper tomorrow.