Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #45

Day Forty Five : Tuesday 16th July 2005

Began the day with a walk along the river into Henley. By ten we were working on comipling the best vocal take from the four that I had sung last night. By the afternoon we were still looking for that counter melody on the bridge, I came up with an idea that James and I worked on together for a while before we finally nailed it in the late afternoon. The track is starting to sound really great. Again we made a subtle edit to avoid hearing the tag at the end of the chorus three times. We took the third one out and it made a huge difference and then we went as far as taking the second one out and going straight into the guitar solo after the second chorus. Craig, Steve and James did the backing vocal coda for the end of the song and Steve did the upper and lower harmonies in the chorus which sound great. Steve has got a great voice, but doesn’t like singing and playing drums at the same time but he’s a great vocal asset in the studio. After all of that the boys head for the pub. I stay on and work out a timetable of events with George. I’ve worked out that we can give each track a day of studio time if we want to get all thirteen tracks ready for sequencing into an album. It’s a tall order but achievable if we maintain our discipline.