Declaration : The Alarm (1984)

Marching On
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
Third Light
Sixty Eight Guns
We Are The Light
Shout To The Devil
Blaze Of Glory (Declaration album version)
Tell Me
Deceiver, The
The Stand (Prophecy)
Howling Wind


UK: LP cat #:IRS IRSA7044

UK: LP cat #:IRS IRSA7044 (misspress/wrong label)

UK: Cassette cat #:IRS IRSC1044

UK: CD cat #: (Released: )

USA: Cassette (promo sampler)

USA: LP cat #:IRS SP70608

USA: Cassette cat #:IRS CS75050

USA: CD Cat #:IRS CD 75050 (Released: )

Germany: LP cat #:IRS ILP25887

Japan: LP cat #:IRS 28AP 2845 (includes bio)