Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #33

Day Thirty Three: Monday 4th July 2005

I get into the studio early today as I want to try and work up a song for ‘Zero’. J.J. has been good to us and I want to do my best to honor his request. At home I had remembered a riff that I had come up with on stage while we were recording the St. David’s Day concert for Radio Cymru. I had an idea that it might fit with the verse chords that I had been messing around with when J.J. first mooted the idea. It didn’t take me long to figure it out, I just had to get used to the dramatic change from the riff in G to the verse in D. I discovered an F#major change in the riff that lead me to a chorus which I started singing lyrics to immediately. Craig came in and I played him the song and he liked it straight away. The two of us worked out an arrangement and Craig found a great bass note in the chorus which involved me playing the G in the second half while he change to a G. It sounds great. Steve had been upstairs working on his drums with Martin and when he eventually came down we played him the song. Steve spotted it’s potential straight away, so instead of leaving to continue work on the book that he has been writing with Alan “Mr. S.L.F.” Parker about The Who (the book is about to be published but the editor wants a few changes made before the print deadline), he decided to stay on and the three of us cut a great backing track. We rehearsed the song a few times based on the arrangement Craig and I had worked out and then Steve put down three mega drum takes, edited it all in about an hour. It was a great spontaneous rock and roll moment.