Blog: Mike Peters ‘Under Attack’ Recording Diary Entry #23

Day Twenty Three: Wednesday 22nd June 2005

Today is taken up with recording drums and bass on yesterdays tracks. While all of this is going on I decide to go out into the garden and have a listen through my tapes and see if I can find some interesting songs. It is a beautiful sunny day. I rewound one of my tapes to the beginning and pressed play, I could not hear anything just a load of tape hiss, that’s funny I thought, so I listened in a lot closer and, underneath the surface noise, I could hear my voice and a faint guitar sound just playing single notes. I must have recorded this very late at night and not wanted to wake anybody up so I had played it into the tape recorder very softly. I might have missed it if it had not been at the beginning of the tape but I thought here is a song for the band. While I was trying to work out what I had actually played, James walked by and said to me that the riff sounded great. Sometimes this is just what you need as a song writer, a little bit of encouragement goes along way. I got craig out into the garden and we quickly went over the chords/riff pattern. We pulled Steve into the rehearsal space and played a quick verse / chorus, it works really well. We decide to just have a jam and do a build up intro. Well the next three minutes were brilliant. We all instinctively knew what to do where and when, a few nods and winks and we know that we have really got something here. We shouted up to Martin to ask him if he could record the next pass and to our surprise he said that he had already recorded the last run through and that we should come up and listen as it sounded brilliant. He was not wrong, apart from a small edit the arrangement was perfect and I had even subconsciously sang a word that will become the songs title. Steve heard it first, and said to me “that line you sang in the second verse is a keeper”, and thus ‘Superchannel’ was born.