THE BIG NIGHT IN 2 – This Saturday at 9pm UK Time

The BIG NIGHT IN, which broadcast last Saturday night, straight from Mike Peters’s Living Room was a huge success, with over 54,000 people tuning in to watch the live feed on the official Alarm Facebook page.

Over 4,500 individual messages were posted during the actual broadcast itself, as Mike Peters performed songs live, whilst Jules presented video premieres for Psalm, History Repeating and other unique Alarm-related content, including some edited highlights from this year’s Gathering 2020.

The BIG NIGHT IN with Mike and Jules will return to screens again this Saturday March 28th at 9pm UK time slot and will be broadcast live on Facebook at

If you missed the Big Night In last Sat, you can view the not-to-be-missed show here, to get you in the mood for this Saturday Night’s show, streaming direct to you from The Peters’ Sofa in Dyserth, North Wales!

To keep you all going until then, we have a new Never Let The Fires Die podcast ‘What if we picked the singles?’, available for fans to listen to here:

While the world is engaged in social distancing and being placed under lockdown conditions, Mike Peters of The Alarm will this weekend, invite Alarm fans from around the world into his home for THE BIG NIGHT IN – a virtual Alarm Gathering online.

THE BIG NIGHT IN will be hosted by Jules Peters, who will interview Mike throughout the evening as he broadcasts live and shares some acoustic performances with the world via The Official Alarm Facebook page. Fans can also post questions and join in the conversation live from the safety of their own home environments.

So please make sure you tune in, turn up the volume and sit back to enjoy THE BIG NIGHT IN this Saturday night at 9pm UK Time.

THE BIG NIGHT IN will feature live interaction on all The Alarm social media platforms, with selected music being played via a BIG NIGHT IN Spotify playlist which will be updated in real time via Twitter (see last week’s playlist below), as Mike Peters ‘spins’ records that have influenced the life and times of The Alarm.

Music will keep us strong… So please join us on our official Alarm Facebook page for THE BIG NIGHT IN with Mike Peters of The Alarm – direct from his home in North Wales, this Saturday at 9pm (UK Time)

We will get through this together so let’s make THE BIG NIGHT IN an evening to remember…….

Music will keep us strong.