Ben Nevis Rocks!

This weekend sees an amazing event taking place at Ben Nevis.

On Friday night the Celtic Supergroup will take to the stage at the BA Club in Fort William, featuring Mike Peters (The Alarm/Big Country), James Stevenson (The Alarm), Smiley (The Alarm), Bruce Watson (Big Country), Jamie Watson (Big County) and Derek Forbes (ex Simple Minds). This one off gig really will be a treat for everyone who can make it… there are a very few tickets available on the day at the venue.

The Love Hope Strength Auction, which gave the once in a lifetime opportunity to accompany Mike Peters, Bruce & Jamie Watson on the private jet to the Pink Pop festival in Holland where they will perform to 25,000 people, was won by Lincoln Woolsey with a bid of £3,333. This money will go to cancer care in Scotland. Thank you to Lincoln for such a great bid….we are sure he will feel it was worth it!

Not only will Lincoln travel with the band but receive an All Access pass, food and drink with the band, and a unique side of stage vantage point.