We are adding a new section called ‘Alarmemorabilia’ to the web site which will feature the occasional piece about a guitar, poster or item of historic ‘Alarm’ clothing as demonstrated by Mike Peters at various Gatherings in recent years.

The section begins with news of a very famous ‘Alarm’ Amplifier that is currently for sale via eBay or in person at Angel Music in Denmark Street, London

The 50 watt Marshall amp was used extensively from 1987 onwards by both Mike Peters and original guitarist Dave Sharp who both used the amp at various recording sessions and on tour in particular (Live, it was mainly used in Dave’s amplifier and effects rack that was housed side stage). The amplifier has been used on most Alarm albums with it’s last outing being on the ‘The Sound And The Fury’ album sessions by Mike and current Alarm guitar incumbent – James Stevenson.

It is a valuable and classic amp in its own right but all the provenance makes it extra special. As you can see it’s a late smallbox metal panel Marshall JMP 50 watt head from 1972 – the last year of the smaller cabinet for the 50 watter before Marshall put the 50 watt chassis in the same size box as their 100 watter. “D” serial number confirms 72 and the date slip reads March 72. The amp has plenty of road scars as you can see but it’s all original, sounds killer, and has just been serviced and re-valved. It was used extensively by The Alarm live and on many recordings – and comes with a letter signed by Mike confirming its history. It was also pictured and mentioned in the February 2002 issue of Guitar Magazine in an article about Marshall amps. It has an upright mains transformer, not a lay down, common for this period. All trannys are correct. Tag board has almost 100% original components and apart from a couple of solder joints all have the red dye. The amp is hard-wired to 240 volts and there is a non-original ohmage selector. Please email if you need more pics. We could have tidied it up (some of the tolex will glue down) and removed the markings on the front panel but we thought they were an important part of the vibe. This is a great sounding Marshall 50 from the company’s best period when they were still hand-wired and has a great history. It comes with a Bulgin mains cable.

If you would like to see or try the amp in person then please drop by and see it at Angel Music, London. They are located at 25 Denmark Street (London’s famous guitar shop street) on the first floor, in London’s west end. Phone number is 0207 836 8008 (+44 207 836 8008 from abroad). Please feel free to pop in and try the amp. They pride themselves on their slogan “honest guitar traders since 1994.