Alarm Podcast Bonus Episode: An Alarm Father’s Day Story – A Moment Near Aspen Grove

Alarm Podcast host Steve Fulton recites a true story for Father’s Day about his dad, himself, and the meaning of The Alarm’s music in his short, non-fiction story “A Moment Near Aspen Grove”


“The Alarm E.P. might be my favorite record ever recorded.   It was five slices of what made The Alarm great, and what made them stand-out among their contemporaries.  On that record, they sounded like no other band that came before or after.  The sound was at once punk and pop and folk played with carefully crafted, wild abandon.  It combined harmonicas, barnstorm stomping, electrified acoustic strumming, military style snare drumming, and hoops and hollers into a mix that defied description. If I had to find one, it might have been the Battle Of Little Big Horn, Custer’s Last Stand, if it was thrown into a blender and set to music.  To me, the sound was imperfect, organic and life affirming.  The minute I first heard it back in 1983, I knew I had found a missing part of my soul,  raggedly shoved into place,  and for the first time in my life, I felt like whole person.”

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