‘Absolute Reality (Single version)’ [3:25] (MacDonald/Peters), The Alarm

‘Absolute Reality (Single version)’ [3:25] (MacDonald/Peters), The Alarm
Lead Vocals:Mike Peters

Hey now now
Hey hey hey

You may be rich
You may be poor
You may have nothing in this world at all
You may be black,you maybe white
You may be a prisioner in your own times
You may be lost. You may be found
You may have been beaten up and knocked to the ground
You may have belief, suffer from deceit
Or you just might be blind
Oh no no

You may affect the truth
You may be seen as false
You may be a king or a vagabond
You may be up, you may be down
You may sit in judgement with the rest of the clowns
You may have love
You may have hate
You may be the President Of The United States
But even you, you can't sit and hide
While the world's resources die

This is absolute reality reality reality
We are all the cause,
The solution to reality

Ooh yeah yeah
Hey now now
Hey now now

You may be in control
You may be controlled
You may sit down 'till you  do as you're told
You may work hard
You may never work at all
You may be accused but you don't know what for
You may be innocent or partly to blame
You may just be afraid in this power mad age
But there's one thing we all must find
Some peace in our time

This is absolute reality reality reality
If I may speak of truth this is absolute reality
The absolute time, the absolute place
The absolute now for the absolute solution
It's absolute reality now
Now Now Now

This is absolute reality reality reality
This is absolute reality reality reality
This is absolute
Oh reality

La la la la la
This is absolute
La la la la la
La la la la la
This is absolute

:Produced By Alan Shacklock
Engineered by Rafe McKenna
Recorded at Good Earth, October 1984

Mike Peters: Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Dave Sharp: Electric Guitar & Backing Vocals
Eddie Macdonald: Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Nigel Twist: Drums & Backing Vocals
Ian Kewley: Hammond Organ
Mike Peters Notes
:Throughout the autumn of 1984, we were trying to write a follow up to Declaration. Eddie & I wrote a new song we were convinced was the track to put The Alarm back on course, Absolute Reality. We went into the studio with Alan Shacklock and cut the song with a view to putting it out as a single. This time we stayed away from technology and cut the song in the tried and tested formula which had proved so successful with Declaration. When we had finished the song Miles Copeland and the label were unsure about it’s chances at radio and it was decided that we should wait, find a new producer and concentrate on writing the main body of a new album before deciding on the next single.
(Alarm 2000 Collection Liner Notes)
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