“Back Into The System” : Mike Peters (single) 1994


  • Mike Peters: CD Single, ‘NOL I Mewn I’r System’ cat #:CRAI40CDW, country: UK Back Into The System Single, in Welsh : Nol I Mewn I’r System (edit)Y Bennod New’y<br>Ganrif 21 (Fersiwn Demo)<br>Nol I Mewn I’r System
  • Mike Peters: CD, ‘Back Into The System/Nol I Mewn I’r System’ cat #:???, country: UK Promotional  2-CD set<
  • Mike Peters: Cassette Single, ‘Back Into The System’ cat #:CRAI 40C, country: UK “A New Chapter”, ‘Nôl i mewn i’r system, Ganrif 21 (fersiwn demo)
  • Mike Peters: 12 “, ‘Back Into The System’ cat #:CRAI 40T, country: UK “A New Chapter”,”21st Century (Demo Version)”, “Back Into The System” (5:01)<

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