‘Wonderful World (electric demo)’ [4:18] (Sharp/Twist), The Alarm

‘Wonderful World (electric demo)’ [4:18] (Sharp/Twist), The Alarm
Lead Vocals:Dave sharp

One�two... three�four
Well guys wearing gas masks are levelling guns
At school children singing whilst studying sums
It`s a clear sign of violence
Laced with heavy support
Your reputation�s been
Dragged through the dirt
By gargoyles and monstres and
Man eating birds
You act like the jury
But never seen you stand up in court

It`s savage and ugly
The riots unfurl
But these are the ways of this wonderful world

Dumped in the ally a girl meets her fate
Whilst almost a mile
From her country estate
Juditial decisions are just about
All that remain

And prompted by pressure
From home and abroad
Fifty five ministers will try to reach accord
On some ill judged remark concerning little Baby Lorraine
They say that here is the policy
And this is the word
These are the ways of this wonderful world

Well, consignments of bibles and
Passenger planes
Japanese funerals and gambeling games
Backers and bidders are 
Dealing in textiles and lace
Then they order reviews 
That will salvage the state
Garanteed to put off and pass up decay
While the latest concern
Are reports of a slackening pace

You know there�s no need for panic
Or haven�t you heard
That these are the ways of this wonderful world
This wonderful world
This wonderful world

These are the ways
Of this wonderful world
Wonderful world, wonderful world
This woderful world
These are the ways
You know it
These are the ways

:Recorded at Kinmel Hall nr. Rhyl, Wales
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