THE ALARM – THIRD GENERATION – A new era of Alarm Music begins with 3 x Brand New Releases.

As revealed by Mike Peters during a very special Keynote Address at this years Gathering event, a third generation era of Alarm music will begin on February 9th 2018.

The band’s first ever recordings ‘Eponymous 1981-1983’ and ‘Declaration 1984-1985’ have both been expanded, remastered and revised for future generations to enjoy and will be made available for pre-release online and in record stores worldwide from February 9th 2018 onwards.

The present and more recent history of The Alarm is also being represented with a Digital only, remastered and expanded release of the compilation album ‘21’, with the updated title of 21 [Redux],  which has also been remastered for the hi resolution iTunes format MFIT and resequenced to include 29 tracks including all of the band’s singles released since 2000 and many alternative and previously unreleased mixes from the 2010 original.

All titles have been re-mastered from the original master tapes by mastering engineer Pete Maher (u2, White Stripes….) under the supervision of Mike Peters.

The comprehensive re-mastering process has been undertaken to allow the band’s music to fully embrace digital and online streaming services and ensure the music of The Alarm can be listened to by future generations as intended by the band, when recorded and committed to tape for all time.

The Alarm will also have a new profile on iTunes as a result of having the music cut to ‘Mastered For ITunes’ (MFIT), standards which allows listeners to appreciate the audio quality at a higher bandwidth comparable to what the band would hear when approving final mixes in the recording studio.

The group’s music will also be represented comprehensively at all digital streaming services with a host of exclusives and creative projects rolling out over the course of 2018.

All the music titles are being released through The Twenty First Century Recording Company – which has been ‘home’ to all Mike Peters and The Alarm music since 1994.

The Twenty First Century Recording Company has entered into a new distribution partnership with INGROOVES which is managed by Lloyd Hummel who is a major and long standing Alarm fan. Lloyd met Mike and Jules Peters during the Man In The Camo Jacket Film promotion campaign having bought tickets through for the UCLA Gathering last summer. Lloyd expressed his desire to take the music of The Alarm back into the wider world, through working together and acting to progressively preserve the integrity and ideals of all concerned through a release program focused on making the music of Mike Peters and The Alarm more widely available, accessible and affordable.

And so, on Friday February 9th 2018,  The Alarm – Third Generation era 81-18, gets underway with the online premiere of a brand new video for The Alarm’s 1981 debut single ‘Unsafe Building’ which will be followed a week later with the video premiere of an unseen ‘Marching On – 1982 Single Version’ film. will also undertake the enormous task of re-telling the story of the band via a lengthy Social Media / Alarm You Tube Channel campaign, that will follow the timeline of the group from 81-18 by re-broadcasting all known live footage and TV appearances.

All The Alarm’s performance videos have also been reformatted and cleaned up, so they can be presented as modern wide screen versions on our newly upgraded Alarm You Tube channel.

“Late last year, The Stand by The Alarm was placed at the end of an episode of the Netflix hit TV show 13 Reasons Why” noted Mike Peters, “the very next day we had over a million hits on The Alarm Spotify page. It just goes to show, that in this digital era, our ‘older’ music can now become ‘new’ music for a whole generation who weren’t around when we first appeared back in the early 1980’s. It’s an exciting time to be a musician, songwriter and band member, and alongside the enduring relationship we have built together with our fans, through events like The Gathering, and online through our Alarm Facebook, Twitter and Instagram community groups, means that The Alarm is primed and more than ready for the challenge of this new age.” 

So, please follow The Alarm today on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Spotify to stay in tune and ensure you don’t miss a thing!

Eponymous 1981-1983 and Declaration 1984-1985 are both being released to record stores on March 16th 2018 (to coincide with The Alarm European Tour), in Double CD and Vinyl LP formats, with each being released in double gatefold sleeves.
Each record  features brand new and rare iconic cover photos of The Alarm that have been sourced from some of the eras leading photographers such as Virginia Turbett and Erica Echenberg.
Each of the CD/LP versions features complete lyrics, recording and production information, plus comprehensive sleeve notes with quotes from original band members.
The LP and CD artwork also features many additional and unseen photographs exclusive to the format and the vinyl LP’s have exclusive versions of the tracks making this release the most comprehensive in Alarm History.
Painstakingly put together by Mike Peters from original sources, the Eponymous 1981-1983 album for instance, brings together the first four Alarm singles and B-sides including all the tracks that featured on the band’s self titled debut US EP release, and for a first time since 1983, a reissue of the rare – Sixty Eight Guns [Part Two] b-side.
Declaration 1984-1985 LP features an unreleased version of ‘Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? [Take One]”, with completely different verse lyrics.
Declaration 1984-1985 has also has been restored to its original 1984 running order and (exclusive to the LP), features 4 previously unreleased US radio edit versions of ‘Shout To The Devil, Blaze Of Glory, The Deceiver and Howling Wind to allow side two of the album to be mastered to recommended vinyl running times, in order to create a louder than ever cut that really enhances the listening experience of the original.
“The new cut actually improves on the 1984 version immensely,” says Mike Peters, “Back in 1984, I had always wondered why the original Declaration Vinyl pressing was so quiet and thin sounding, but in all that time, I had never realised that it was 27 minutes long….. over 5 minutes longer than the recommended vinyl audio limit of 20-22 minutes maximum  This means that in 1984, the sonic quality had to be sacrificed to fit the 27 minutes of music onto the side of a vinyl LP. By using the US radio edits (that had once been released to radio stations only), Pete  Maher (the remastering engineer), was able to create a much louder and punchier sounding Side Two and (in my opinion), the US radio edits actually improve the listening experience as a whole, while still retaining and enhancing the power of important tracks such as Shout To The Devil, Blaze Of Glory, The Deceiver and Howling Wind.”
So to recap, on February 9th, Alarm Fans will be able to digitally pre-order both ‘Eponymous 1981 – 1983′ and ‘Declaration 1984-1985’ along with The Alarm’s modern compilation ’21 ]Redux]’.
All digital pre-sale orders will be sent immediately, one advance album track a week leading up to March 16th 2018.
Fans ordering or buying CD’s and LP’s in record stores or online via outlets such as Amazon etc., will both have access to exclusive track versions, recording and production information, complete lyrics, extensive sleeve notes, original artwork and unseen photographs that are only available in the physical formats.
Full album track listings and running orders will be released via the very soon.
The Alarm – Third Generation 81-18, begins here…………..
Bring it on……..

Release Timeline

Friday February 9th 2018

Pre-order of Eponymous 1981-1983, Declaration 1984-1985 and 21 [REDUX]

The Alarm – Eponymous 1981-1983:  Double LP containing all of the band’s first four singles and tracks from their North American debut EP that was originally released in 1983.  LP with 3 exclusives & CD with 1 exclusive.

Click here for Eponymous 1981-1983 : pre-orders / streaming / audio samples

The Alarm – Declaration 1984-85: Double LP containing all the tracks, b-sides and rarities from the groups seminal debut full length LP of 1984. LP with 4 exclusives & CD with 7 exclusives.

Click here for Declaration 1984-85 : pre-orders / streaming / audio samples

The Alarm – 21 [Redux] : Digital Only Reissue in both Mastered For Itunes and regular digital formats, containing 6 previously unreleased ‘Under Attack’ mixes and other alternative versions making it significantly different to the original 2010 version. Expanded to 29 tracks to include all of the bands singles from 2000 to the present day.

Click here for 21 [Redux] : pre-orders / streaming / audio samples

Video Premiere of ‘Unsafe Building [1981]’ with remastered audio.


Friday February 16th 2018

Video Premiere of ‘Marching On [1982 Single Version]’ with remastered audio followed by a premiere of all Alarm video singles (up to 1985), over the coming weeks.


Friday March 16th 2018

Official Record Store Release Date of both Eponymous 1981-1983 CD/LP and Declaration 1984-1985 CD/LP

Official Online Release date of Eponymous 1981-1983, Declaration 1984-1985 and 21 [REDUX]