Special Offers on Music, Gifts and Brand New Merchandise

Special Offers on Music, Gifts and Brand New Alarm Merchandise at the alarm.com
Thealarm.com is pleased to announce the release of a newly commissioned REDONBLACK ALARM fashion clothing, music and accessories range. 
This Winter, all orders (excluding Gathering Tickets), placed in the Twenty First Century Store above £49.99  (between now and February 1st), will qualify for a ‘free’ limited edition ‘Mike Peters In Session’ 2018 CD. This unique CD features the acoustic recording of the ‘Equals’ album, which was recently presented at Parr Street Studios, Liverpool for National Album Day, together with the acoustic performance of the entire ‘Declaration’ album which was also recorded during the same session (see track listing below).

We are also pleased to announce that the alarm.com store is now stocking both CD and LP copies of all 2018’s Alarm record releases including Eponymous 1981-1983, Declaration 1984-1985 and the critically acclaimed Equals which was recently described as “an incredibly strong release. It’s the sort of album that eludes most bands 35 years after their inception. It’s a bit more polished than the early material, but the passion and immediacy are now joined by a greater sense of perspective. In many ways, it is the rock record that U2 have been chasing since 2000’s All That You Can’t Leave Behind.” Review 11/02/18.
The Twenty First Century Recording Company is also launching a series of specially priced collector bundles, allowing fans to discover and revisit recordings in the Mike Peters / Alarm music catalogue,  along with the Handwritten Lyric / Dedication CD series and some brand new additions to the silver Deanna Cochran Jewellery Range for those special occasions in your life.
NB: All recordings are available as individually full priced priced items in thealarm.com store.
Special Offer Audio Packages include:
The Alarm – Equals LP & CD plus Where The Two Rivers Meet EP
Equals [LP Edition featuring lyrics and poster art] £9.99
Equals [Digipak CD Edition featuring lyrics and exclusive track ‘Hellfire’] £16.99
Where The Two Rivers Meet – Extended Play 8 Track mini vinyl album. £12.99
The Alarm – Eponymous & Declaration Vinyl LP & CD Remasters
Eponymous 1981-1983 [DBL LP Edition] £19.99
Eponymous 1981-1983 [Digipak 2 x CD Edition] £14.99
Declaration 1984-1985 LP [DBL LP Edition] £19.99
Declaration 1984-1985 CD [Digipak 2 x CD Edition] £14.99

Mike Peters – The Solo Collection

Breathe [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Feel Free [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Rise [Deluxe 2 x CD / 1 x DVD Edition] £19.99
Flesh & Blood  £14.99
Special Offer Collection Price = £39.99

The Alarm – In The Poppy Fields Collection
In The Poppy Fields [Digipak 2 x CD Edition]  £14.99
Live In The Poppy Fields [CD / DVD Edition]  £14.99
Mike Peters presents The Alarm Live CD / DVD Collection
Declaration – Live! [CD / DVD Digipak Edition] £24.99
Strength – Live! [CD / DVD Digipak Edition] £24.99
The Alarm – Under Attack Collection
Under Attack [CD / DVD Edition] £19.99
Alarmcast Transmission [DVD Edition] £14.99
The Saturday Gigs CD £14.99
In Session 2018
[Only available with orders over £49.99 that are placed in the alarm.com store before February 1st 2019].
Marching On
Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke?
Third Light
Sixty Eight Guns
We Are The Light
Shout To The Devil
Blaze Of Glory
Tell Me
The Deceiver
The Stand [Prophecy]
Howling Wind
Two Rivers
Coming Backwards
Crowd Trouble
Peace Now
Thirteen Dead Reindeers