Sixty Eight Guns – 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert with Mike Peters – 12th September 2023 – SOLD OUT

September 12th 2023 marks the 40th Anniversary (to the day), since the release of The Alarm’s classic 7” single – Sixty Eight Guns.

To mark the occasion, Mike Peters will present The Alarm Acoustic in concert at The Red, Dyserth, North Wales on the anniversary date of Tuesday 12th September 2023.

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Tickets are limited and all who attend will receive a commemorative laminate in honour of the occasion.

The Sixty Eight Guns celebration concert will feature two acoustic performances with one of the performances dedicated to The Alarm’s first four singles / b-sides and twelve inch tracks and a total celebration of Sixty Eight Guns as the Finale.

The Sixty Eight Guns celebration concert at The Red, with also feature a Big Night In Special TV recording session which will be presented by Jules Jones Peters along with very special guest Gareth ‘Gaz Top’ Jones and feature fascinating insights and stories about the timeline surrounding the Sixty Eight Guns single release and the moment The Alarm first appeared on Top of The Pops burst out of the UK TV screens and into the lives of so many who have followed The Alarm ever since.

The Big Night In – Sixty Eight Guns Special will be broadcast on the band’s official YouTube channel on September 22nd which is the anniversary of the band’s legendary first appearance on Top of the Pops.

“It’s incredible to think that Sixty Eight Guns was released forty years ago”, says Mike Peters. “At the band’s first official 40th Anniversary event celebrating our first gig in Prestatyn, there were only a handful of people directly involved at that original 1981 moment. With Sixty Eight Guns, every Alarm fan I have met remembers where they were when they first heard the song and 99% of those in the UK, were at home glued to the TV in anticipation of the weekly broadcast of Top of The Pops when The Alarm burst out of the TV with an explosion of energy and of course – Hair!!!.. For us in the band it was the realisation of a dream and for those watching it has come to represent the beginning of a continual and shared journey with the band’s music as a soundtrack. Who would have thought so much would happen as a result of this cataclysmic event from forty years ago…… Sixty Eight Guns will never die!!!”

In the countdown to the concert on September 12th 2023, The Twenty First Century Recording Company will be releasing all the first four original Alarm singles as digital editions with the original single versions and b-sides included. Each release will also feature the original single artwork, beginning with the release of Unsafe Building, (Tuesday August 22nd), Marching On (Tuesday August 29th), The Stand (Tuesday September 5th), and Sixty Eight Guns on September 12th,

All subsequent and following Alarm singles will all be released upon reaching their own 40th anniversary release dates continuing with Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? on January 9th 2024 which coincides with the build up to the Gathering Cardiff on January 18/19/20/21 2023 which will feature a full performance of 1984’s classic Declaration album.

Gathering tickets available here