Show Your Colours This Summer!!!

Show your Alarm colours this summer with all the latest branded Tour apparel and get free Alarm pin badges with every purchase in the store.

The very latest 2018 Tour T-Shirts are all in stock, featuring all new designs and logos complete with tour dates from The Gathering all the way to the closing date of the forthcoming North American Tour and all stops in between.

A slouchy hat is available with Alarm Star logo, and 2 different black embroidered bucket hats as well as two embroidered designs on soft grey scarfs.

One of our best sellers from The Gathering, our black denim 2018 Tour Jacket, embroidered with the brand new Alarm logo, and ‘equals’ poppy is also available in store.

NB: All merchandise orders placed throughout the month of June will include free Alarm pin badges (while stocks last).