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The Alarm have been through hell since their heady 80�s high times � splits, illness, a fall from grace � yet their masked return as the ‘Poppyfield’ yielded gushing praise, until of course people realised they weren�t ’18 and Too Young To Die’. The album splashes into action with a Clash (�Cease And Desist�) / Manics supercharged wake up call. “Superchannel� and �Without A Fight� confront you with a barrage of energetic, post punk pop that easily cuts it without question. Stand this alongside Dogs, Razorlight and even a latter day Manics and this could rate an equal if not better.

�It�s Alright / It�s OK� takes on U2 and everyone else who currently twiddles single notes on their Fender Telecasters. The album never lets up, with songs like �Something�s Got To Give� still raising a shout three quarters of the way through. An incredibly consistent album that deserves some real, measurable, credited success.