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Dead Men Walking
The Newport Centre
28th September 2003

Despite the absence of Billy Duffy, the Aura of the Cult hangs heavy over
Newport tonight.

Dead Men Walking, collectively Mike Peters (the Alarm), Kirk Brandon (Spear
of Destiny), Glenn Matlock (Sex Pistols), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) and
Duffy’s replacement Big Country’s Bruce Watson play each others songs
together like some kind of mutual appreciation society. Surprisingly,
considering the large Alarm contingency, Peters almost plays down his role
in the band, playing several truncated versions of some classic Alarm
material like 68 Guns and Rescue Me but seeming more happy playing a side
role to his band mates and belting out songs by The Cult (dedicating Edie
Ciao Baby to “Billy Duffy of the Cult and Ian Astbury of the Doors !!!”
Naughty Naughty). With the presence of Bruce Watson’s electric guitar, the
band have a more dynamic sound and his playing really shines on Big
Country’s “Chance” and “The Road to Damascus”. Glen Matlock’s contribution
consists of a new solo piece which lags slightly but his Sex Pistols numbers
“God Save the Queen” and “Pretty Vacant” cause an eruption of pogoing !!!
Slim Jim Phantom is a new member to DMW and the band plays some low down and
dirty Rock n’ Roll crowd pleasers with “Stray Cat Strut” and “Runaway Boys”.
The real star of the show though is Kirk Brandon, who in this environment
excels in his singing and playing of some old Spear of Destiny and Theatre
of Hate songs. I’m not really familiar with Brandon’s material but on the
evidence, I’m definitely gonna check it out. The Cult’s “She sells
Sanctuary” brings the show to a euphoric high with whole crowd screaming out
the words and almost drowning out the band. If DMW are coming to a town
near you and you can get past the idea that it’s just simply a bunch of old
mates playing the songs for each other, then get yer arse out and watch them
n’ have a thoroughly enjoyable night.

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