Review: The Alarm At House Of Blues, LA Review by Mari Nolte

First off, next time Mike plans a show in California, he ALWAYS needs to play at the House Of Blues. Great venue, great sound, a perfect showcase.

The place had to have sold out the, people on the floor were packed in like sardines and could hardly move.

Slim Jim�s band was fantastic. There is just not enough blues-rockabilly bands left out there.

And then the guys came out and played the longest frickin� set I�ve ever had the prividledge to watch:

~ Electric guitars

Coming Home

Unsafe Building

Absolute Reality

Right Back Where I started From

Sold Me Down The River

~ Acoustic Guitars

Drunk & Disorderly

Marching On

Where Were You Hiding

(James broke a string and Mike threw cards at the audience. 🙂 )

The Stand

Knife Edge

(At this point Mike said they were going to play Rain, but something happened to the drums. It looked like the snare and a couple of cymbals were about to slide off the drum riser. Yes, Steve played that hard, and so the drums need to be adjusted.)

One Step Closer
(Mike said this was his favorite Alarm song)

Rain In The Summertime


68 Guns

Rescue Me/Keep On Rockin� In The Free World/Rescue Me

Blaze of Glory

~ Encore 1

(Why aren�t cards ever thrown in this song?)

45 RPM

(Mike talked about the numerous cool bands that the guys had been in and ended by saying that James had played with Kim Wilde. He then did a short impression of her hit “Kids In America” � AND Tom Jones. At that point � just for jenny�s benefit, I�m sure, Mike did a lovely Tom Jones impression “Not unusual � ” and did a short impromptu Tom Jones swinging hip dance. The audience was roaring with laughter.)

Spirit Of �76

~ Encore 2

(Mike then brought out and introduced Slim Jim � who wheeled his kit on stage and we all got a taste of a Slim Jim / Steve Grantly extravaganza � which was an awe inspiring event!)

Runaway Boys

Get Down, Get With It.

One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

Oh and by the way … The whole thing was filmed for a BBC Documentary.
Hopefully everyone will see this show on television for a first or second time!

-Mari Nolte