Review: The Alarm 2000 Boxed-Set Review

The Alarm
2000 Collection
21st Century Recording Company 21C)18

Singer Mike Peters has put his heart, soul and bank balance into presenting ten years of his life in a box. Here is the entire back catalogue of all the Alarm singles, b-sides, albums and every other official release along with rare tracks, demo tapes, many that have never seen the light of day before and all superbly remastered. It’s a truly staggering achievement and beautifully presented with revised track listings and each CD is expanded to cover a particular period of the band’s history. But there’s even more. For each purchaser is able to choose their favourite track and Mike Peters will record a personally dedicated acoustic version as a bonus CD. It is a real credit to the band and an acknowledgement to what the fans will want. The collection is only avilable by mail order via the band’s official website or by phone on 01745 571571. It does cost a cool �99.99 but if The Alarm is your favourite band this has got to be a very tempting package, indeed particularly with that unique bonus CD. It’s a fantastic achievement and so tastefully done that hopefully it will inspire many other bands to take control of their own recorded past. Nice one Mike!

Roger Newell * * * * *

Author::Roger Newell