Review: Raw Review

Back in 1981, The Alarm was being hailed by some as the next Clash, but just as many were tagging the band as phony Clash poseurs. Ten years, and many ups and downs later, they’ve all but shed those labels and become just another intrepid rock’n’roll band from Wales. Which isn’t a bad thing, considering some of the overdubbed new wavish atrocities they released in the mid-to-late 80’s (a fact they subtly admit on “Moments In Time”). The aptly titled RAW signifies a return to original form circa Declaration, but is smooth and grown up as opposed to young and turbulent. Though mature, some of RAW is overly methodical, much too deliberate and downright uninteresting; but other parts are full of great licks and roots that Dylan and Young fans would, at least, appreciate. Lead singer and guitarist Mike Peters-an attendee of the Bono school- is more passionate and self-assured with his own songs, as is evident on beautifully sweeping, electro-acoustic numbers like “The Wind Blows Away My Words”.

Author::Dan McMinn