Review: Coloursound

When rock musicians of the calibre of Mike Peters (the Alarm), Billy Duffy (the Cult), and Craig Adams (the Mission) get together, great things will inevitably be expected. And listening to Coloursound's debut, the band's pedigree is clear as they effortlessly meld influences from the past three decades of rock music to create a very solid debut release.

Coloursound's music is hard to pin down. One minute there are shades of classic rock, the next the early 80s sounds of U2 and the Alarm are apparent, and before you know it you're hearing shades of 90s revisionist rock. But while their influences may be divided by time, Coloursound's own music is consistently focused. Peters's vocals lead the proceedings, with a healthy dose of lead guitar from Duffy and a more than solid rhythm section in the form of Adams (bass) and Scott Garrett (drums).

Possibly the most immediate track, "Heavy Rain" has an apocalyptic tone as Peters sings of the changing times we live in. The lyrics throughout are rich with imagery while the tone shifts from the hopeful striving of the opener "Under the Sun" through to darker tracks. The writing comes from the combined pens of Peters and Duffy and its desire to find that which is real and substantial is constant. Hints of Peters's Christian faith are spread through the album, but the band won't be pigeonholed because of it.

The skill of these musicians, their passion and drive, combine to produce an excellent straight-ahead rock album. For those who like their rock to be meaty and well rounded, this is well worth a listen.

Author::James Stewart